The Detroit Regional Partnership is your guide to the Detroit Region

The Detroit Regional Partnership offers confidential, no-cost assistance to domestic and international companies interested in investing in the 11-county Detroit Region. We specialize in helping companies understand and access the competitive advantages of our region—from workforce data to state and local incentives.

The DRP is an efficient, convenient single point of contact to all of our regional resources. Our team works with companies and site selectors to help manage their projects, navigate legal and financial considerations, and ultimately support their transition into the Detroit community. Whether your company is looking to establish a single-person sales office, a new manufacturing operation, or a global headquarters, we are here to help make your vision a reality.

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The Detroit Regional Partnership helps you explore the countless opportunities awaiting you in the Detroit Region. In 2020 alone, our team worked on over 300 new projects and completed more than 150 research requests for companies and site selectors. 

Single Point of Contact

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We connect you with the Detroit Region

The Detroit Region has a vast network of resources, partners, and assets to offer—if you know where to look. At the Detroit Regional Partnership, we make your search simple.

The DRP is your one-stop shop for any guidance or assistance you need as you explore the Detroit Region. We are here to help implement your project plan and connect you with the 5.4 million residents, 2.6 million workers, 348 communities, and 300,000 companies across our region. Whatever your project needs, our team is ready to quickly execute an NDA and begin working on your behalf, bringing all the benefits of the region to your business. 

Project Management

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The DRP keeps your project moving forward

Once our team is engaged by a client, the Detroit Regional Partnership can be as involved in the process as the project needs. We often operate as a regional consultant, assisting with specific issues and requests to support your team. However, we are also equipped to act as your comprehensive project manager, guiding you through the project’s life cycle and addressing any challenges that may occur. 

Our philosophy is to serve as a neutral broker for the region, offering our services to help clients understand the different municipalities, programs, and partners available in the Detroit Region. We bring all of these assets together to create a comprehensive solution for our clients, expediting their investment and ensuring their project is successful.

Regional Data

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Research with confidence through verified DRP data

The Detroit Regional Partnership specializes in helping companies understand the competitive advantages of our ecosystem through verified data and statistics. Our team has compiled information about each community and industry within the region, so your company can conveniently access and reference the relevant data you need.

Our team stands ready to address any data requests, including information on workforce availability, the cost of doing business, talent affordability, industry business cases, our customer and supplier ecosystem, and more. Visit our data center for some of our prepared data sets and overview documents.

Assessing Talent

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We offer data-driven insights on our region’s workforce

More and more, high-quality talent is the driving force behind today’s business location decisions. Our team is here to help you navigate the Detroit Region’s large and diverse workforce with concrete data and testimonials.  

We provide in-depth information on our regional demographics, workforce profile, and talent pipeline to ensure that our community’s population meets your project needs. During this vetting process, we can also connect you with local companies and HR professionals so you can hear directly from experts in your industry. Our talent solutions are grounded in the principles of equity and inclusion, and we are committed to helping you find a diverse workforce that fulfills your talent needs.

Once your company joins our community, the Detroit Regional Partnership also helps connect you to our local workforce development community. Together, we can create and implement robust talent recruitment and retention strategies to ensure your long-term success.

Private Service Provider Connections

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The DRP network connects you with expert guidance

Major investment projects need more than just research data, available sites, and business incentives. From legal requirements to financial matters, your project will face a number of logistical complications that may need outside expertise. Our team can help connect you with technical experts to help advise and address any issues that arise during a project’s progression.

The Detroit Regional Partnership is part of a vast community network that can help you at any stage of your project completion. At your request, we can engage with various experts to help you navigate issues like legal incorporation, visas, government permitting, taxes, and project financing.

Market Visits

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Experience the Detroit Region through a guided visit

Here at the Detroit Regional Partnership, we know that the best way to learn about a place is to experience it first-hand. That’s why our team organizes both in-person and virtual visits for our clients, allowing them to assess potential sites, experience life in the region, and see the advantages for themselves. 

The DRP supports and assists with the visit of any client, site consultant, delegation, partner, or investor who is interested in exploring and understanding our community. When you choose to invest in our home, we want you to feel confident that the Detroit Region is the right place for your business. Reach out to our team to arrange your visit to the Detroit Region today.

Securing Incentives

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We help negotiate incentives for your investment

Both the Detroit Region and the State of Michigan are dedicated to offering the most competitive business climate, ensuring your company enjoys an affordable and beneficial tax environment. This includes local programs designed to improve your bottom line and support your business.

Our team acts as a consultant for our clients, helping them understand the programs and funds available in the region. Based on your project requirements, we assess the programs you qualify for and help coordinate those efforts, bringing the proper approving agencies to the table. Together, we work as a team to negotiate a comprehensive package and ensure your project is successful in our community.

Selecting Your Site

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Explore the region’s real estate with DRP expertise

Site selection is at the core of all new investment projects, but finding the perfect real estate can be a difficult task, especially in an unfamiliar location. In today’s robust business climate, the best strategy is to work with a team of local experts who understand the region’s dynamic real estate market and can help you secure a site where your business will succeed. 

The Detroit Regional Partnership offers a wide range of site selection services to help you find affordable, development-ready real estate for your project. We can quickly survey the types and cost of available real estate in the region, or we can provide a more in-depth consultation—including a comprehensive market assessment, arranged tours, and a guided site location experience. We also offer virtual site selection services, including virtual tours and providing drone footage of site locations. 

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