The Detroit Region is a top U.S. tech hub where companies launch and scale

Unicorns don’t happen by accident. Digital tech companies are flocking to the Detroit Region’s vibrant, collaborative, and affordable ecosystem and hiring our top-tier talent to quickly launch and scale operations.

  • The Detroit Metro ranks #3 in the U.S. for tech talent cost versus quality (2020).
  • Michigan ranked the #1 state for venture capital growth at 886% from 2016 to 2020.
  • The Detroit Region’s tech ecosystem is packed with accelerators, incubators, investors, and flexible work environments that support businesses from start-ups to major tech players.

Don’t Take Our Word for It. Hear Why Other Companies Choose Detroit.

The Detroit Region: The Tech Talent to Launch & Scale Your Next Tech Operation

Southeast Michigan’s tech talent builds, leads, and innovates. Supported by nationally recognized research universities, our talent serves both global automotive giants and scrappy start-ups—and everyone in between. Hear from tech experts about Detroit’s big differentiator.
Detroit Should Be Top of Mind for Founders

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Michigan has Four Unicorn Companies: One of Only Ten States with More than One

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Detroit Ranked #7 and Ann Arbor #8 Best Metro in the Midwest for Startups

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Our Location Connects You with Opportunity. Explore The Detroit Region for Yourself.

Digital Technology Regional Facts

Tech Workers in Detroit Region
in 2021


Tech Business Establishments in Michigan
Venture Capital Growth in Michigan
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Annual Tech Degree and Certificate Completions
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Lowest Cost of Living
Detroit Outranks Other Major Metros with Populations Greater than 2M, including New York and San Francisco
Top State for Inventors and Patents Filed
with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office

The Detroit Region offers an affordable, talent-rich ecosystem for tech companies. Learn more about how the DRP can help you grow in the region.

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Tech sector growth is surging in the Detroit Region and Michigan.

The Detroit Region and Michigan are emerging as one of the top tech hubs in the country, rapidly drawing in new tech companies and investment. In fact, according to San Francisco’s Crunchbase, Michigan is the #1 fastest growing state for venture capital and gaining a reputation as one of the premier locations to grow a tech business.

  • Net tech employment in Michigan now exceeds 387,000 workers at more than 13,000 tech business establishments in 2020.
  • Tech business accounts for $37.1 billion in investment, which is nearly 9.0% of the state’s economy in 2020.
  • Google, Microsoft, Amazon Tech Hub, LinkedIn, Rocket Mortgage, and IBM are among the many global tech companies with locations in the Detroit Region.
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The Detroit Region offers skilled, diverse tech talent.

Detroit is no stranger to innovation. Our talent is developing, designing, and producing the technology of today and the innovations of tomorrow. The Detroit Region has one of the most diverse and deep talent pools in the country, supported by world-class universities that produce graduates with the skills tech companies need to thrive.

  • The Detroit Metro is #8 in software developer density and #10 for total tech degree completions (2020).
  • With a regional tech workforce of over 190,000, the Detroit Region has more than 28,000 software developers and 24,000 computer specialists (2021).
  • Detroit is ranked the #2 U.S. Metro for most diverse tech workforce in 2020, based on the Diversity Index Quartile by CompTIA.
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Our business ecosystem offers everything tech companies need to launch, innovate, and scale.

The Detroit Region offers a unique tech ecosystem where entrepreneurs thrive in one of the nation’s hottest markets. Companies can plug into a vast network of partners that includes universities, co-working spaces, accelerators, incubators, tech companies, and service providers that have the resources and knowledge to help companies quickly launch and scale their operations.

  • The Detroit Region is home to 5 unicorns, including Duo Security, Llamasoft, Rivian, OneStream, and StockX, as well as the headquarters of 20 Fortune 1,000 companies. 
  • Michigan has more than 1,300 angel investors, who contributed approximately $73.6 million in investment in 2019.
  • 15% of Michigan’s venture-backed start-ups are led by persons of color (2019).
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