The Detroit Region is the largest automotive cluster in North America

The Detroit Region is the largest automotive cluster in North America. From smart manufacturing to autonomous and electric vehicles, the Motor City is defining the future of the mobility and automotive industry.

  • Michigan is the #1 U.S. state for both automotive R&D and production (2019; 2021).
  • The Detroit Region has one of the largest and most skilled manufacturing and engineering workforces in the U.S.
  • Michigan leads the nation in new mobility and automotive investments, accounting for 41% of all U.S. investments in the sector between 2009-2019.
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The Detroit Region: Driving the Future of Mobility

From electrification to autonomous vehicles, the Detroit Region is leading the mobility revolution. Our industry ambassadors speak to that leadership and why there’s no better place to do business in the U.S.

AKASOL: Creating the Electric Vehicle City

When AKASOL needed a talented workforce to develop and manufacture high-performance lithium-ion batteries for commercial vehicles, they selected the Detroit Region.

Our Location Connects You with Opportunity. Explore The Detroit Region for Yourself.

Mobility & Automotive Regional Facts

OEM Headquarters and Tech Centers
State for Automotive R&D and Production
(2019; 2021)
U.S. Metro for Concentration and Total Engineering Talent
in 2021
Testing Deployments and Proving Grounds
for Operational and Planned U.S. DOT Connected Vehicle Deployments
U.S. Department of Transportation
1.9 Million
Vehicles Across 23 Models Assembled in the Detroit Region
in 2021

The Detroit Region Offers an Unparalleled Industry Ecosystem. Learn More about what Makes Our Home Unique.

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The Detroit Region is leading the U.S. in automotive innovation and production.

Our industry sector is the largest, most productive cluster of automotive-related companies in the United States. In 2021, Michigan accounted for 20% of all automotive production in the U.S. That includes $41 billion worth of U.S. investment from 2009-2019, as our companies innovate new mobility and automotive technology.

  • The Detroit Region is home to 29 OEM headquarters and tech centers.
  • 96 of the Top 100 automotive suppliers are located in the Detroit Region, including 60 headquarters.
  • Michigan is the #1 state for automotive R&D, accounting for nearly 67% of the U.S. total in 2018.
A White Car With Electronic Equipment Mounted On The Roof And Bumper

2Our workforce is built for automotive manufacturing and engineering.

The Detroit Region is home to one of the largest and most skilled manufacturing and assembly workforces in the country. Companies benefit from the second largest concentration of engineering talent in the U.S. And our skilled talent is significantly more affordable than our coastal competitors–saving companies money while fueling their progress.

  • Detroit is the #1 U.S. Metro for assembler and production talent with more than 61,000 employed in 2022 and has one of the lowest turnover rates.
  • Detroit is the #1 U.S. Metro for vehicle parts manufacturing talent with nearly 106,000 employed in 2022.
  • Detroit is the #2 U.S. Metro for largest concentration of engineering talent with more than 80,000 engineers in 2021.
Car Industry: Robots in a Car Factory

The Detroit Region is developing and deploying autonomous and electric vehicle technology.

As mobility technology advances, the Detroit Region is leading cutting-edge innovation. We are attracting the world’s top companies in electric vehicles, battery systems, and sensor technologies. We’re also home to the American Center for Mobility, the premier test bed for connected and automated vehicles.

  • Michigan ranks #1 for energy job growth from 2020-2021, 90% of that growth is in motor vehicle technology.
  • Michigan ranks #1 for EV supply chain plants, with six operating locations and three under construction in 2022.
  • Michigan has more than 17,500 EVs registered, more than the national average in 2022.
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