The Detroit Regional Partnership (DRP) has launched its fourth interactive story map (from a series of seven maps) aimed at diversifying the region’s economy while ensuring access to jobs for all in Southeast Michigan.

The 11-county Detroit Region is strategically positioned for professional service companies to thrive and grow; featuring low business costs, nationally recognized institutions providing exceptional talent, global connectivity, and an elevated quality of life.

DRP has identified a strong Corporate and Professional Service industry within the region, made up of three sub clusters: Headquarters, Back Office and Middle Office.

story map

With more than 140,000 industry jobs in 2019, the Detroit Region is a top location for business talent. Corporate and professional services jobs growth in the region outpaced national growth from 2015 to 2019. Fastest growing occupations included a 28% growth in market research analysts and 19% growth in financial analysts. Supplying this talent growth was the extensive higher-education pipeline. Also, within a 5-hour drive of Detroit, 37,689 Business Administration and Management degrees were conferred in 2019 alone.

city view

“The business environment we have created here in Michigan, including a favorable tax climate, provides a recipe for success as companies are looking to expand their operations here in the state. From a competitive cost of doing business – reaffirmed by this most recent Business Tax Climate Index ranking – to a high quality of life that still costs 10 percent less than the national average, Michigan is making a compelling case for growth,” said MEDC’s Executive Vice President & Chief Business Development Officer Josh Hundt.

This interactive story map showcases the strength of headquarters, middle and back office operations as well as connects companies and partners with regional information. In addition to this interactive and engaging story map there is a downloadable PDF version available.

Learn more about why the Detroit Region is advantageous for professional services by clicking here to visit the Corporate and Professional Services Story Map or download the PDF version.