The Detroit Regional Partnership (DRP) has identified seven targeted industry clusters with 22 sub clusters aimed at diversifying the region’s economy while ensuring access to jobs for all in Southeast Michigan.

DRP has identified the strength of the Logistics industry cluster within the region with three targeted sub clusters: Transportation, Warehousing, and Wholesale. With an international border, a top ranked international airport, an extensive network of freeways, and a 500-mile market reach that encompasses almost half of the U.S. and Canadian populations; the 11-county Detroit Region is strategically positioned for logistics companies.

The region has always been a leader and innovator in moving people, products and goods around the world – allowing it to become the logistics powerhouse it is today. Traditionally strong in transportation, the region has experienced momentous growth in warehousing and wholesale in recent years, including 118% growth in general warehousing and storage jobs from 2015 to 2019.


Four of the top ten supply chain/logistics programs in the U.S. are located within a five-hour drive of Detroit, including the #1 Supply Chain Management program in the nation at Michigan State University and the #5 program at the University of Michigan. The region is also home to the U.S. Truck Driver Training School and numerous community colleges offering programs and certifications in supply chain and logistics.


To showcase the many aspects of the growing logistics industry and connect companies and partners with regional information, the DRP has created an interactive and engaging story map along with a business case PDF. Learn more about transportation, warehousing, and wholesale in the Detroit Region by clicking here to visit the Logistics Story Map or download the PDF version.