The Detroit Regional Partnership (DRP) has identified seven targeted industry clusters, incorporating 22 sub clusters, that will diversify the region’s economy, while ensuring access to jobs for all in Southeast Michigan. The Detroit region is globally known for being the motor city and the birthplace of the automobile, making the automotive industry a pillar to the region. The DRP has hand-crafted this cluster to fit traditional automotive and the innovative technology future of the industry. DRP has named this industry cluster; Mobility and Automotive with two targeted sub clusters, Mobility Technology and Automotive Manufacturing.

The Detroit region is the location that powers the worldwide automotive industry and one of the only places in the world where revolutionary concepts can both be developed and manufactured. Detroit revolutionized the world with the birth of the assembly line and remains the top place for motor vehicle production. The Detroit region’s car makers produce 18 models with an annual volume of more than 1.5 million vehicles annually, which powers Michigan’s #1 ranking of all U.S. states for automotive production.

auto production

As the industry has evolved the Detroit region has led innovation, being an adaptive mobility technology hub. The state is #1 for connected vehicles (U.S. DOT-Funded Operational Deployments, 2019) and has a robust testing and development landscape as well as a connected infrastructure ecosystem to support mobility advancements. Along with the talent to support it, consistently the region has outpaced the nation in being the top location for automotive manufacturing and mobility talent. The Detroit region has more than 102,000 engineers and technicians, making it the #1 location for engineering talent density and #2 total talent.


To highlight the multitude of the industry’s ecosystem and connect various stakeholders with vital regional industry information, the DRP has created an interactive and engaging story map along with a business case PDF. Learn more about the Detroit region being the epicenter of mobility technology and automotive manufacturing by clicking here to visit the Mobility and Automotive Story Map or download the PDF version.