Discover “Logistics” in the Detroit Region


CLUSTER INTRO: The Detroit Regional Partnership’s (DRP) seven-industry cluster program received the C2ER Research Award for Project Impact in its first year. When it comes to business attraction, the DRP emphasizes on the following key industry clusters: logistics, digital tech, financial tech, corporate and professional services, auto and mobility, smart manufacturing; and research, engineering and design. This post provides a peek into the latest research findings related to the Region’s logistics sector. The Detroit Region has always been a leader and innovator of moving people, products, and goods around the world, allowing it to become the logistics powerhouse it is today. The Region offers expansive transportation resources, allowing companies unparalleled access to customers, suppliers, talent, and both U.S. and Canadian markets.

LOGISTICS TALENT: Overall the Detroit Region is one of the densest locations for logistics related talent, there are more than 500,000 workers in logistics related occupations in 2021. The industry has seen 9% job growth over the last 5 years in the Region, compared to 5% national growth. “Detroit is not only the automotive industry’s epicenter, it is also home to the most knowledgeable and experienced logistics talent in the industry.” -AL Samouelian, CEO at RPM Freight.

Ship is sailing to Great Lakes at USA & Canada.

INFRASTRUCTURE & LOCATION ADVANTAGE: The Detroit Region is ideally located. Within nearly 500 miles of half of the U.S. and Canadian population (180 million people), the Region offers businesses a robust transportation network and acts as an international gateway to the world. The Region boasts 2,047 miles of Highways & Interstates, 2,350 miles of Active Railway, 4 National Class I Railroads, 15 Local & Regional Airports, 5 International Border Crossings, and 7 Cargo Ports along the Great Lakes. “Detroit boasts a large network of transportation routes and is central to the Midwest. It has diversified its market and many large retailers like Amazon are seeing the potential that Detroit has to offer as a distribution center.” -Jimmy Glascock, President of Kenco JDK Real Estate Group.

CASE STUDY – PENSKE LOGISTICS: In June 2019, Penske Logistics opened a new $98 million warehouse in Romulus, MI on 47 acres south of the Detroit Metro Airport, creating more than 460 jobs. The center has 105 loading docks that support food distribution for Kroger’s 120 stores throughout the state. The new warehouse replaces one Kroger had in Ohio, allowing Penske to save from less shrinkage and transit time, and for consumers, it means fresher products.

“Penske has always had a strong commitment to investing in Detroit and the greater state of Michigan. We sincerely appreciate the strong collaboration and spirit of partnership on this project and look forward to being a bigger part of the growing business community.” –Marc Althen, President at Penske Logistics.

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