The Detroit Regional Partnership is your guide to site selection in the Detroit Region

The region is home to a wide variety of industrial, office, and mixed-use properties ready to fulfill your needs at an affordable rate. Our local real estate offers unparalleled access to major domestic and international markets, industry business leaders, and robust transportation infrastructure. But finding the perfect real estate can be a difficult task—especially in an unfamiliar location.

The Detroit Regional Partnership simplifies your site search with market assessments, real estate surveys, and virtual and in-person tours. We are experts on the region’s dynamic real estate market, and we work with local site owners and consultants to gather the data you need to make your decision. Our upcoming VIP by DRP program will allow you to conveniently explore our available industrial sites, while our office selection tool already gives you insight into the vacancies around the region.

VIP by DRP program coming soon.

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VIP by DRP Verified Industrial Properties

The Detroit Regional Partnership offers a variety of services to make your site selection search simpler. You can use our tools to quickly browse available real estate in the region, or you can contact our team of experts for a more in-depth consultation. 

Find the best site for your company’s needs

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The Detroit Regional Partnership is here to help with custom site searches

Our expert team offers a wide range of site selection services to help you find affordable real estate that’s perfect for your business. No matter what your project needs, we can quickly survey the types of available real estate in the region and help you assess the time and cost of development. The Detroit Regional Partnership also offers in-depth consultations, including a comprehensive market assessment, arranged tours, and a guided site location experience.

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What other services do we offer?

From talent assessment to site selection, the Detroit Regional Partnership is your single point of contact to all of the region’s resources. Our team specializes in helping companies and site selectors understand the competitive advantages of the Detroit Region, connecting you with our network of local experts and partners. We can also help you manage your project, negotiate your incentives package, and even navigate legal and financial considerations.

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Our data center provides verified information on the Detroit Region

The Detroit Regional Partnership has compiled concrete data and statistics about the region, so you can conveniently access specific data about each community and industry. If you cannot find the information you need, our team is here to answer your questions and address any relevant data requests that will help facilitate your location decision.

Visit our data center for frequently requested information.


Verified Industrial Properties Search Tool

Browse our VIP by DRP catalogue

The VIP by DRP tool allows you to search the Detroit Region for an industrial real estate site that fits your project’s needs. From utilities to topography, we work with site owners around the region to ensure that the data on these properties are properly verified, so you can confidently assess the cost and time it would take to develop each site.

  • All information on our VIPs have been assessed and validated by third-party consultants.
  • The VIP by DRP tool uses five tiers to rank each property’s assessment by rigor. Tier 5 VIPs offer the most thorough information, including a physical site study.

Office Site Selection Search Tool

Find an office space that fits your business

Whether you need a global headquarters or a one-person office, the Detroit Region has the space for your company. Between 2016-2018, the Detroit Region built nearly a million square feet of office space, and there is currently 2.6 million more square feet under construction. Use this search tool to see what offices are available and ready for you to move in.

  • As of Q3 in 2019, the office vacancy rate in the region was 5.4%.
  • The average rent for Class A office space in the region is $22.52 per square foot, which is significantly lower than comparable major metros like Chicago.

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