The Detroit Regional Partnership is your guide to site selection in the Detroit Region

We offer confidential, no-cost assistance to site selectors around the world, helping you with everything from research requests to site evaluations and incentive coordination. Our team connects you with the region’s unique advantages and resources, so you can quickly and confidently analyze our market and secure a location where your project will succeed. Just one call or email activates the entire DRP team, giving you a trusted partner in the Detroit Region..

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The DRP is your single point of contact for help understanding the Detroit Region

The Detroit Regional Partnership serves as the lead economic development agency for the 11-county Detroit Region. Our team quickly connects you with the data, knowledge, and resources you need to understand the industries, communities, and talent available in our region.

Our team provides data-driven insights about each community and industry in Southeast Michigan. We provide timely and thorough responses to your RFIs and stand ready to help with any unique data requests–from navigating our industry community to coordinating workforce assessments with local leaders

You can trust that our data is objective, accurate, and up to date. The DRP is committed to fairly and objectively representing all 348 communities in the Detroit Region, while prioritizing the success of your client’s project.

We help site selectors explore the region’s real estate and incentives

With more than 7,000 square miles in the Detroit Region, you need an expert on the ground that understands our ever-changing real estate landscape. The DRP provides quick guidance and informed intelligence about our commercial and industrial sub-markets, as well as intel on individual buildings and sites.

Our team catalogues and assesses vacant industrial land across the region, ensuring we have sites ready to support a variety of projects. We also attract new developers to our market, so there is always an active inventory of speculative, high-quality developments to meet your needs.

We’ve helped hundreds of clients explore the state and local incentives available in the Detroit Region. Our in-depth knowledge and experience with authorizing agencies helps streamline and expedite the incentive process. And our team even goes one step further, serving as an advocate for your project to help maximize your awards.

Our team is experienced, reliable, and responsive

The Detroit Regional Partnership was built specifically to serve site selectors and corporate executives as they explore our community. Our staff collectively brings decades of experience to the table while delivering at the speed of business. And all of our services are entirely confidential and provided at no cost.

Our team of professionals were carefully selected to meet the specific needs of site selectors exploring our market. Our capabilities include best-in-class project managers, researchers, data analysts, GIS technicians, real estate experts, and leaders–who collaborate to support your project every step of the way.

We pride ourselves on being highly responsive to your needs, with quick connections and same-day responses. Simply contact one of our experts about your project needs, and we’ll begin working on your behalf. We are your trusted partner and your single point of contact for the entire Detroit Region.

Explore the DRP Site Selector Newsletter Archive

The Detroit Regional Partnership keeps you up to date on the latest news, deals, and real estate opportunities in the Detroit Region. Each quarter, the DRP Newsletter features recommended properties and recent projects where we helped companies and site selectors succeed.

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